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25 mm (glazed and matte)
30 mm (glazed and matte)
1.5" matte only (glazed avl. via special order)

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Belts come with standard buckle - brass or nickel.  Buckles can be easily replaced with your own signature buckle.


28" to 46" 
(Smaller and longer lengths available via  special order)


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1.  Checkbook Cover
Holds checkbook and transaction record.  Includes six indexed credit card pockets.  6 1/2" X 3"

  2.  Mini Pocket Secretary
Two full-sized pockets, plus pocket cardholder, penholder and pen.  Removable address book.  Measures 5 1/8" X 6 3/4"
  3.  Deluxe Daily Planner
Planner, diary and address book.  Inside cover has clear pocket for ID.  Includes 5 indexed credit card pockets, penholder and pen.  Measured 5" x 8".

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    4.  Daily Planner
Planner, Diary and Address Book.  Includes 5 indexed credit card pockets, pen holder and pen.  Measures 5" x 8".


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  5. Slim Hip Wallet
Six indexed pockets for credit cards.  Two currency pockets lined with cloth or leather (your choice).  Optional leather center stay.  8 11/16" X 3 1/2".

6. French Wallet-Purse
Elegant with six indexed leather pockets for credit cards, 4 larger interior pockets, 1 exterior gusseted zippered pocket, single currency pocket, and a full alligator leather flat with snap.  9 1/4 " X 5" (with flap extended).

  7. Slim Continental 

Three indexed leather pockets for credit cards, one thumb-cut business card pocket, replacement vinyl pass0case to hold 12 pictures.  Cloth-lined currency pocket.  Option leather center stay.  7" X 4 1/8".


8. Trifold Wallet
6 indexed pockets for credit cards with 2 additional center pockets.  Single currency pocket lined with cloth or leather (your choice).   Optional alligator leather center stay.  9 3/4" X 4".



  9. Park Avenue Clutch Purse
Classic slender clutch bag with gold-plated front closure and detachable alligator shoulder strap.  One interior pocket.  9 1/2" length X 5 1/2" height X 2 1/2" wide.

10. Cafe' Bag
Classic fashion including strap.  Leather lined interior pocket.  Magnetic snap on flat.  Measures 6" length X 5 1/2 height X 3" wide.

  11. Studio Clutch Purse
Sculpted small classic clutch with gold-plated front closure and detachable shoulder strap.  Interior pocket.  Measures 8" length X 6" height X 2 1/2" wide.


12. Satchel Purse
Full alligator (except handle) with a secure magnetic snap and soft suede lining.  Inside divider with 1 zippered pocket.  Measures 14 1/2 length X 11" height X 4" wide.



  13. Double-Sided Slim Business Card Case
Features 3 pockets.  4" X
2 7/8"

14. Single-Sided Slim
Business Card Case

3 convenient pockets.  Specify if brass corners are desired.  4" X 2 7/8".

  15. Business Card Wallet
2 leather-lined pockets on one side with one gusseted leather-lined pocket on the other.  Measures 4 3/8" X 3".

  16. Magnetic Money Clip Card Case
One cloth-lined card pocket with a magnetic money clip.  Measured 3 1/2 " X 2".

17. Key Fobs
Alligator with brass ring.  Specify oval or tear-drop style.  4 3/4" X 3".

  18. Clear-Pocket Business
Card Wallet

1 clear pocket and 1 gusseted leather-lined pocket.  4 3/8" X 3".


19. Magnetic Money Clip
Choose cloth or leather lining.  
2 5/8" X 1 3/16".

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Glazed (top) - shiny gloss finish available in black, brown and peanut brittle
Matte (bottom) - rich and mellow yet durable that ages well.  Black, brown and cognac.

All products are of 100% highest quality American Alligator



Order by Phone:   813-968-6154