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Hunting Gators and Conservation Go Hand in Hand - ABC Action News - August 16, 2014

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Atlanta-Cobb Life - Alligator Hunting with an East Cobb resident - State offers hunters a chance to harvest gators - July 27, 2005
The Lodge - Jeff McDaniel's gator hunt on Georgia's Lake Seminole - September 2008  - Florida gator hunt trims the population   - September 12, 2008 - "World's Largest Confederate Flag Sparks Controversy in Tampa, Florida - August 2008

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Divas of the Moonlight: Bugs, Spiders & Gators don’t Frazzle Adventure as Gator Hunting isn’t just for the Guys

Stealth approach to a wily gator works like a charm!  by Capt. Phil Walters

Camp Martha Johnson hosts Trailblazer event for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia

Gator Hunting Across the South:  Fast action excitement for the family in these fair chase hunts!

Mississippi Slip!: Bring a snare on your Gator Hunt!

Deepwater Gator Harpooning?  Try a “BoneCrusher” Harpoon!

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12’ + White Oak Dinosaur falls to Sportsmen


Airboating Magazine - Combat Wounded Vets Treated to Gator Hunt


Georgia Zone 6: White Oak Luck Comes Through Again! Whopper Gator Hit with Two Harpoons! 




  • *2010 Florida State record gator 14-'3" taken by Trey Ammerman with RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • *Eufaula, Al. record gator 13'-1" taken by guide Gator Mike with RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • *Arkansas’ largest gator at 13’-2"  harvested in 2010 by John Baxster using RatWorks gator Hunting products (Possible state record)
  • *2008 Georgia state record 13’-7” guided by Randy Pounds using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • *Georgia’s largest gator of  the 2009 season going 13’-6” taken by Jeff McDaniels and guided by Capt. Phil Walters using   
    RatWorksGator Hunting products
  • *2010 South Carolina monster 13’-4” gator weighing almost 1100 lbs taken by Mary Ellen Christian and guided by Blacks Camp’s
       Kevin Davis using
    RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • *Past 7 of the Top 10 Safari Club International Record Book gators were taken using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • *Majority of the Top 5 gators in the 2008 “Big gator Shootout” were taken using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • *Majority of Top 5 gators in the 2009 “Big Gator Shootout” were taken using RatWorks Gator Hunting products

If you have harvested a noteworthy gator using RatWorks products,
please tell us about it