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Ride with a Trapper in Tampa
& Hillsborough County

Experience the adrenaline rush of an up close and personal encounter with a rouge alligator; one that has run afoul of Florida’s alligator behavior code and is deemed a potential threat to people, pets or livestock and must be captured.   

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This is an adventure where you will be hands on in unique situations that will involve the removal of the alligator from where it’s encountered. These situations range from capture from baited lines to swimming pools, front porches, residential yards, ponds, lakes, ditches and who knows where? Most often, the gators are removed ALIVE!

You will be hands on with a professional & experienced alligator hunter in assisting in this public service. Guaranteed to be exciting as situations are analyzed, plans formulated &  executed while you’re involved in them as a “professional-apprentice” under the watchful eye of a master alligator hunter.

Regular price is $375. Currently, we have a special rate of $275 per person (2 for $500.00) plus you must purchase an “alligator trapping agent’s license” for $52.50. Your requirements are you must conduct yourself in a confident, courteous, professional manner as we are dealing with the public as ambassadors for both the citizens of Florida and hunters and be able to strictly adhere to instructions as they are directed to you and sign a liability release.

For information call:- O-813-968-6154, C-813-220-6854  or visit www.GatorGuides.com

“ Protect Children & Poodles: Hunt Gators!”
Capt. Phil Walters


About Captain Phil Walters

Capt. Phil has been involved with the public water harvest since 1990. He has harvested more than 1000 alligators on the harvests, with a few going over 13' and one 13'6" that is pictured at right.  He enjoys getting out on the water and sharing the uniqueness of the alligator story with folks who "have it in them" to see a slice of real Florida that cannot be experienced from comforts of home.  Phil founded Gator guides in 1993 to offer professional harvest skills to the people chosen in the September Public Waters Harvest and has now expanded to offer trophy hunts on public and private lands.

Member:   Safari Club International, National Rifle Association, Heritage Foundation,  Broward County Airboat & Halftrack Association,  Commissioner, Sesquicentennial Commission of Tampa Bay; , Lodge #317 F&AM Tampa, Founding Member of the Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp #556, Sons of Confederate Veterans and Founding Member, Judah P. Benjamin Camp #2210, Sons of Confederate Veterans; 9th Brigade Commander, Florida Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Interests: Hunting, fishing, air boats, wildlife conservation, Southern stuff, FSU football.


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1 of the top 3 gators in the
State of Florida in 1991




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