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2009 Hunt Pictures

Capt Phil with his 12' lizard from South Carolina's zone 3. It took more than a night to kill this one & a few hours to drag it in.   After my hunting buddy Randy Pounds left SC for work, I had to hunt solo. A gator this size is a real pain when you're on a big lake by yourself.

Another picture at Palmetto Processors of Monck's Corner of Capt Phils SC zone 3 gator. It weighted in at 575 lbs.
 If you want to man-handle massive gators, carry & use a harpoon!


Gene Myers, his wife Denny & son Jerrett of Paradise Marine in Gulf Shores Alabama with their nice 9' lizard from Mobile Bay.
We passed on many much larger. The one Gene scouted we missed. Another group got him. He went well over 12'

Kenny Davies and a nice late season lizard from Lake Jessup.

A nice morning's harvest from Lake Poinsette on the St. Johns River

pair of hunters from Texas won a gator hunt at a charity benefit. They got a nice 11' from the Lake Hell n' Blazes area.

Capt Phil with his entry into the CFTH "Big Gator Shootout." It was in the top 20 largest gators.

A couple of nice gators harvested using RatWorks Equipment.

These future gators hunters were hanging out at the Mississippi DNR Ross Barnett check station & just had to jump on the airboat to have their picture taken with Todd & Tommy' s gator


Ian Knofla along with his pop Charlie harvested this 12' gator from Lake Okeechobee South. Took a little grunting to get him in the boat & then out of the boat.
Thanks to the guys at the landing we got him into the truck.

Jeff McDaniels & his son Joe harvested this 13-5 gator from Georgia's Lake Seminole. It was the largest gator harvested in Georgia in 2009 and
was 1-1/2" short of the state record held by fellow GatorGuide Randy Pounds

Taylor, Tyler & Dave Mathews of Walterboro SC got their nice 10' gator from SC zone 1. After missing a number of gators, this one got the harpoon while swimming in the middle of the river. See the story at:

Capt Walters with his personal 12-2" gator from Georgia's zone 4. This is one of Georgia's hardest zone to hunt. Got this one just after sunrise.
Used a "BoneCrusher" to dart him while he was sitting in about 5' of water under a lily patch. He thought he was hidden........


We at receive our education in gator hunting from packing up & hunting where YOU hunt. We hunt all of Florida, including this spot in Mississippi near the "Big Muddy River" that used to be Florida. It's an expensive undertaking but someone has to understand the many habitats the public hunts gators in & the different methods need to be successful. Few, if any Outfitters, Guides or equipment suppliers can claim this level of experience or successful hunting results.




  • 2010 Florida State record gator 14-'3" taken by Trey Ammerman with RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Eufaula, Al. record gator 13'-1" taken by guide Gator Mike with RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Arkansas’ largest gator at 13’-2"  harvested in 2010 by John Baxster using RatWorks gator Hunting products (Possible state record)
  • 2008 Georgia state record 13’-7” guided by Randy Pounds using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Georgia’s largest gator of  the 2009 season going 13’-6” taken by Jeff McDaniels and guided by Capt. Phil Walters using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • 2010 South Carolina monster 13’-4” gator weighing almost 1100 lbs taken by Mary Ellen Christian and guided by Blacks Camp’s Kevin Davis using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Past 7 of the Top 10 Safari Club International Record Book gators were taken using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Majority of the Top 5 gators in the 2008 “Big gator Shootout” were taken using RatWorksGator Hunting products
  • Majority of Top 5 gators in the 2009 “Big Gator Shootout” were taken using RatWorksGator Hunting products

If you have harvested a noteworthy gator using RatWorks products,
please tell us about it