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Ladies can Hunt Too, notice the decorator pink harpoon pole?

Stephanie Swerdlin with her pair of nines from Okeechobee.

The larger one she hit as it slid into the water from a perch it was resting on. Great shot!


Here is a pair of Ethan Altaratz (R) 10's from Polk County. The left one bite the harpoon in half.

George Camire & his son with a 9' & 11'. George harpooned the 11" at the edge of a weedline.

Once harpooned, the gator bolted into the weeds. Spent the better part of an hour extracting him.

Mike Brooks and his son Alexander after shopping for boots.


Kurt McAnly's gators from Polk County draw a crowd while we're filling out paperwork.

Everyone wants a closer look & to tell us their gator story.

Mobile police officer Brian Rear with his gator from Lake Eufala in Alabama. We were hooked onto a real monster but lost him after a half hour struggle. Another group harvested Alabama's second largest gator at 12-9 from the same stop the next night.

 Darn! Out of 50 tags issued for Lake Eufala, on 14 tags were filled.


Ray Roche & Captain Rick Silkworth with their 12' gator from Okeechobee. Dockside, the gator taped 12'4". (I measured it)
After icing & driving to Tampa, it taped 12-0. The shrinkage cost Ray 5th place in the Big Gator Shootout.








  • 2010 Florida State record gator 14-'3" taken by Trey Ammerman with RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Eufaula, Al. record gator 13'-1" taken by guide Gator Mike with RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Arkansas’ largest gator at 13’-2"  harvested in 2010 by John Baxster using RatWorks gator Hunting products (Possible state record)
  • 2008 Georgia state record 13’-7” guided by Randy Pounds using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Georgia’s largest gator of  the 2009 season going 13’-6” taken by Jeff McDaniels and guided by Capt. Phil Walters using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • 2010 South Carolina monster 13’-4” gator weighing almost 1100 lbs taken by Mary Ellen Christian and guided by Blacks Camp’s Kevin Davis using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Past 7 of the Top 10 Safari Club International Record Book gators were taken using RatWorks Gator Hunting products
  • Majority of the Top 5 gators in the 2008 “Big gator Shootout” were taken using RatWorksGator Hunting products
  • Majority of Top 5 gators in the 2009 “Big Gator Shootout” were taken using RatWorksGator Hunting products

If you have harvested a noteworthy gator using RatWorks products,
please tell us about it